What You Need to Know About Apartment Security as A Renter

In your search for a place to rent in a new neighborhood, these are the factors you should consider when checking your apartment security features and those of the entire building complex.

Looking for a suitable rental apartment can be a tedious job and may take time. When you land one that suits your liking, it is possible to forget to look at its security features. Your apartment security should always be your priority, no matter how convenient and impressive the apartment looks. Your safety will ensure you enjoy other apartment amenities without fear or disturbance. Check out the following highlighted key areas you need to ask about before signing the lease.

The Door Security

The locks on your doors and windows ensure that you do not get intruders into your apartment. It is crucial to change your locks before moving into the place to ensure that anyone with the previous key cannot access the house. Confirm with your agent or landlord if they can change the locks for you or permit you to do so.

Your lease agreement will tell you the security additions allowed in the apartment and what they do not permit. If allowed, a chain lock, peephole, and remote unlocking could also be brilliant ideas. When you get the chance, contact to come to change the locks to give you peace of mind.

Compound Security and Maintenance

Lighting is vital to ensure that no one can hide in dark areas in the compound. Some apartment complexes may lack enough security lights to cover all the stairs, the laundry room, and the entire compound. This can be dangerous, especially if you come in late at night when people are already indoors.

A security guard and cameras are also a good indication of apartment security. Having someone monitoring the compound will ensure that nothing transpires unnoticed. Such apartments have significantly fewer cases of theft and other crimes.

When you step into a compound, you also need to check on how well-kept it is. If you notice overgrown lawns, broken fences, burnt bulbs, and other signs of neglect, you need to move on with your search. These are signs of an unconcerned owner who might not readily fix issues when needed. It may take months to address your safety concerns, thus putting you at risk.

The Area’s Crime Rate

No matter how good an apartment looks, its location determines how safe you are. It is, therefore, vital to ensure you ask residents and the agent about the level of crime in the area. These details will be of great help, especially if you work late hours. Ask about the frequency of thefts, how often the culprits get arrested, and any other crimes in the region.

If you do not feel comfortable with the information you receive, you need to look for a new place. Settle for a location with minimal or no crime to ensure you get peace of mind. It is better to pay slightly more rent and live in a secure place than stay in fear at a cheaper residence.

Your apartment security should be evident from the moment you step into a compound. Always seek to know where the emergency exits are and whether the alarm system and smoke detectors are in good working condition. Do not compromise on the safety of you and your loved ones. Settle for the best place to keep your family safe.

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