Use Soovle Keyword Data To Create High-Quality Blog Posts With AI

While Article Forge is the fastest way to produce high-quality content, a good SEO strategy starts with keyword research. With so many keyword research tools available, however, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one and know how to effectively use it to improve your website’s visibility on search engine results pages.

That’s why we decided to test the most useful keyword research tools and develop step-by-step workflows to guide you from keyword research to publishable content.

Soovle is a tool that utilizes search data to identify areas of commercial interest. It can help small and medium-sized businesses position their content to add the most value to their users. The tool is also useful for finding supporting content ideas to improve topical authority by covering individual topics in more depth.

Soovle is not a standard keyword research tool. With their tagline “let the web help”, Soovle offers a genuinely different free keyword research experience. Soovle is a comparison search engine, and it’s perfect for finding variations between Google, Youtube, Wikipedia, Amazon, and other platforms. 

Viewing all these variations in one place is a fantastic way to understand the core components of your keywords and identify more topics overall. 

This article will explain exactly how you can choose the best keywords for your SEO content strategy using Soovle. Then we will walk through how to produce high-quality blog posts automatically using AI writing software at a low cost.


Soovle Features To Consider When Finding Keywords

Given a keyword, Soovle shows the real-time related keywords from all the major search engines at once. This gives you a more comprehensive view of all the topics related to your main keyword across different platforms. 

One of the most unique features of Soovle is being able to conduct commercial research efficiently using Amazon’s search results. Commercial research shows you what actual people who are looking to buy products are searching for and can help you produce content that is designed to address these terms.

For example, we have entered the keyword “golf clubs” and here are the results:

By entering a broad keyword, Soovle has returned many similar long-tail keywords. This is great inspiration for keywords that will be easy to rank for. When looking at the Amazon results specifically, we can identify popular searches that are likely to be profitable, such as “hybrid golf clubs for men”.

Separately, Soovle is an excellent option for businesses that produce both written and video content. Using Soovle will allow you to see whether a particular keyword would be better suited as an article (cute puppy names) or a video (how to do pushups).

As a content manager or business owner, you should be asking yourself, “how can I add the most value to my audience?” and “what users are we looking to attract?”. This is crucial as the audience you are looking to attract and maintain will also impact on keywords you choose. 

Finally, you can click on any keyword in Soovle, and it will take you directly to the results page for the specific keyword! This will allow you to see what content is already ranking, so you can see whether the keyword is too competitive or not.

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