Black Mist Filter: Unique Experience of Cinematography

Over the past 30 years, one and only one filter made the photographers, and cinematographers go crazy over the sublime and cozy effect created in the shots. This filter is none other than the. This filter has been widely used since it adds atmosphere to the image. It has an extra layer of black specs and a brass frame. The filmmakers widely use this filter to create a hazy effect.

Why Are the These Filters Widely Used?

The main reason they have gained popularity over the past 30 years is that they give an elegant look to a shot which is precisely what a film director or cameraman would want, especially when the majority of the scenes require a calm appeal. 

Making numerous changes to the lighting in a shot can be pretty tedious. This is when the filter comes into the picture, creating a soft and pastel-like quality of light. It dims the highlights and contrasts, curating the perfect light to romanticize a scene. It helps diffuse a harsh light source. There is a little loss of detail in the image as opposed to the traditional diffusion filters. This filter also enhances the night lighting, and one can emphasize the feel of rain using the black mist filter, as it captures the essence of a perfect humid evening. 

Many experts tried to create the same shot without using the filter using software like Lightroom or photoshop but failed to do so. Be it sunny or this filter makes every lighting more appealing. The irreplaceable nature of this filter is why it is so famous and high in demand though expensive. The price range of this filter is from $25-$59.

Commonly Used Mist Filters

The most popularly used filters are the following:

  • Filter NO.5- this filter creates a unique effect on city lights by focusing on the lights or creating circular blurs. The blur created in the background creates a subtle impression for the viewer. It is used when the light is a bit strong.
  • Filter No.1- This filter strengthens and expands light sources and substantially affects city lights. It reinforces the solid effect laid on the central part of the picture. It creates a lighter mood and is generally used when the light is weak.
  • Pro mist filter- This is a better filter compared to the above two filters mentioned as it is made of color-core technology. You can buy the black mist-pro filter at $59.99 at various online and offline stores. Many people grab it when it is put on sale. The filter size ranges from 37mm-82mm with densities of ¼ and ⅛. You can get custom-designed filters up to 92mm upon orders at a premium price. Photographers use them to retain sharpness in the shot. The layering of the pro filter is covered with a gauzy paint-like halation. It delivers a compelling image even at its lowest density. The higher density filter is more aggressive and creates a clear distinction between warm light and white light. 

The Filter Comes With a Catch

Certain drawbacks cannot outweigh the popularity and the wide use of this filter that this filter possesses. One of the biggest complaints received is about the lighting. It creates too much dim lighting when bright pictures are needed in a few sunny shots. Filters with lower density are recommended for use in such cases as they diffuse significantly less light and still make the skin soft and subtle. Another drawback is the packaging. Few websites fail to deliver the filter in shape, thus, making it prone to breakage. This created a negative impression on the customer.

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