The 14 Best Keyword Research Tools For Your Use Case

While Article Forge is the fastest way to produce high-quality content, a good SEO strategy starts with keyword research. With so many keyword research tools available, however, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one and know how to effectively use it to improve your website’s visibility on search engine results pages.

That’s why we decided to test the 14 most useful keyword research tools and develop step-by-step workflows to guide you from keyword research to publishable content.

Finding the right keyword research tool for your needs can be surprisingly difficult. 

There are dozens of different keyword research tools out there and each claims to be “the best tool for you”. 

But the “best tool” for an established SEO agency might not be the same as the “best tool” for a small business with a limited budget.

The fact is, the best keyword research tool for you will depend on your specific goals and experience level. 

We know this because we have thoroughly tested dozens of different keyword research tools. We’ve even created a series of guides for how to best use each tool to create SEO content that ranks. 

More importantly, we decided to turn that information into a simple breakdown of the best tool to use for each of the following use cases: 

  1. Best Tool For Comparing Keywords
  2. Best Tool For Finding High-Profit Keywords
  3. Best Tool For Creating Valuable Content
  4. Best Tool For Generating Unlimited Content Ideas
  5. Best Tool For Finding Long-Tail Keywords
  6. Best Tool For Finding Low-Competition Keywords
  7. Best Tool For Understanding Your Competition
  8. Best Tool For Identifying User Habits
  9. Best Overall Metrics
  10. Best Tool For Beginners
  11. Best Tool For Identifying Search Intent
  12. Best Tool For Creating Supporting Content
  13. Best Value Tool
  14. Best Tool For Identifying Ranking Opportunities (especially for new/low authority sites)

Ultimately, keyword research can be as easy or involved as you want it to be. So, no matter what your goals are, how experienced you are, and how technical you want to get with your SEO, one of these tools is sure to be the right fit for you!

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