Pets have become a major addition to many homes today. A lot of people who wouldn’t want to
have children seek comfort and company in their pets. They provide a great source of loyalty and
companionship to even the loneliest people. Families also keep pets that are seen as extra members
of the family. They may provide play companionships for the children and security for the entire
home. Now more than ever, people are treating their pets with utmost care and love, with many of
them getting proper medical attention and lifestyle care. A major activity used by pet owners and
their pets to bond is taking them for walks and runs. Apart from being a good form of exercise for
both parties, they are also able to enjoy nature while bonding and creating lasting memories
People who are older will usually keep pets as a source of entertainment and companionship.
However, these senior citizens may not always have the strength or capabilities to take their pets for
walks often and keep up with their energy. They would usually hire a dog or pet walker to help them
do this. In today’s age of technological advancement, old people can now safely take their pets out
for walks with the use of scooters. These help them to keep up with their loved ones while allowing
them to enjoy the beauty of nature. These scooters allow them to regain their independence and
can be used to run a number of day-to-day activities and errands. Apart from walking pets, they can also
be used for shopping runs as most of them even come with a small basket in the front.
A mobility scooter is an electric vehicle that is designed in the same way as a motor scooter. They
are usually used as mobility aids where they help those that are unable to walk due to injury or
medical conditions like arthritis giving them the freedom and independence to move around.
They can also be used by those who have no mobility problems to save time and energy when
running many errands. In this article, we are going to take a look at the various types of mobility
scooters for outdoors, explore their uses and mention things to consider before buying your own.
Types of Mobility Scooters
There are various types of mobility scooters that come in a variety of sizes from small, medium to
full or large size.
Travel or portable mobility scooters are scooters that are easily foldable and compacted to make it
easier for people to move around with them. They are mostly in the small size category of scooters
but offer a lot of convenience to their users. They can be folded and carried in the trunk of a car or
stowed away on a plane in case you need to travel long distances with it. They use batteries that
don’t spill and are safe for airlines. They can accommodate people of an average maximum weight of
up to 136 kg.
3-wheel scooters are mostly used indoors. This is because they are able to make sharper or tighter
turns and can easily avoid obstacles in the way.
4-wheel scooters are mostly used outdoors. They have more stability than 3-wheel scooters.
Because they are bigger in size, they struggle to make very sharp or tight turns. Their improved
stability can withstand uneven or hilly surfaces. This makes them perfect for outdoor strolls.

Full-size mobility scooters are mostly used outdoors. They are designed with seat belts and
higher backs. They are able to accommodate bigger people and have larger batteries that are able to
travel over longer distances. They do not make for good indoor scooters as they are simply too big
with a large turning radius which could cause them to bump into obstacles all around the house.
Heavy-duty mobility scooters are recommended for the outdoors. They can be used on unpaved
surfaces like grass or gravel. These scooters have a high ground clearance level which is the space
between the scooter and the ground. They are able to go through many obstacles with ease and
have special wheels that are durable, allowing them to withstand uneven physical surfaces and time.
Their larger batteries make it easy for them to go long distances. Because of their larger size, they
can also accommodate bigger people with an average maximum weight of 225kg.
Mid-size mobility scooters are built to be used both indoors and outdoors. Their wheels are large,
making them stable enough to be used on uneven surfaces. Their ability to easily maneuver through
spaces allows them to be conveniently used in malls and restaurants. Most of these mobility
scooters are also portable. They can be disassembled into various pieces and carried in the
trunk of a car or on a plane.
Features of Mobility Scooters
The various components of mobility scooters contribute to their efficiency and type. It is therefore
important to know what materials are used in their construction so as to choose a scooter that is
perfect for you and your needs.
Tillers are used to steer mobility scooters. They are made up of columns and are used to control the
the direction of the scooters, making it possible to turn them right, left or just simply make them go
Suspensions of mobility scooters are either smoother or rougher. They help the user navigate
through uneven terrain surfaces with ease.
Wheels are the driving force of the scooters and help to direct or steer them in various directions.
There are three types of wheels namely solid, foam-filled and pneumatic wheels. Solid and foam-filled wheels usually provide a rougher ride to the user. Foam-filled wheels help to absorb shock in
the tires and therefore tend to provide smoother rides than solid tires. Pneumatic wheels are filled
with air like in car tires. They can go flat and usually offer the smoothest rides.
Seats are used to balance the mobility of scooter users. They are usually smaller in travel scooters and
are bigger and more heavily padded in full-size scooters. Some even contain more padding and
headrests to ensure the user is super comfortable even during long journeys.
Benefits of Mobility Scooters
Mobility scooters have a lot of advantages which is why they are becoming increasingly popular.

  1. They are easy to use. With advancements in technology, it has now become very easy to use
    mobility scooters. Most people are quick to learn the basics and hit the road. The tillers have
    also been made easy to maneuver even for those that have upper body strength issues.
  2. Accessibility to public transport. The portability of many mobility scooters allows them to
    be accepted onto public transport vehicles like trains, taxis, and airplanes. Their foldable

nature and ability to be dismantled makes it easier for people to travel with them for longer
distances without breaking their backs and getting too tired.

  1. Make daily tasks easier to complete. It allows those that struggle with mobility, for example,
    the elderly or those with medical issues like arthritis, to be able to perform their daily tasks
    with ease without requiring too much help from outside parties. It offers freedom of
    movement and independence to those that would have otherwise been limited.
  2. Do not require licenses or registration. Because they are typically not vehicles, users do not
    need to register them in order to use them. This helps to save on time and money that
    would have been used to get registration documents.
  3. Provide comfort and efficiency. Most mobility scooters are built with the comfort of the
    user in mind. Users do not need to sacrifice their comfort while they efficiently go about
    their day ticking off their tasks.
  4. Provide a wide range of features. There are quite a variety of mobility scooters. From small,
    foldable ones perfect for indoors to the larger full-size ones perfect for outdoor walks, you
    are sure to get exactly what you need. They also vary in price depending on the type and
    their functionality making them accessible to a large number of people.
    Choosing the Right Type of Mobility Scooter
    Once you know the types of mobility scooters available and their advantages, you can then
    make a better-informed decision when purchasing your very own scooter. It is important that
    the user considers her needs as well as where and what she will be using the scooter for. If you
    would like to use the scooter to be able to walk your dogs or other pets, then it is advisable that
    you get more outdoorsy scooters like full-size or heavy-duty mobility scooters. It is also
    important to consider your budget and the price of the scooter you are willing to buy. While
    foldable travel ones are cheaper, heavy-duty scooters tend to be much more expensive.
    Remember to always choose the one that is most tailored to your specific needs. Don’t go for
    the cheapest one and then be stuck with an indoor scooter to perform your outdoor activities.

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