Nikkia Cole Beach

Known for her great voice, Nikkia Cole is the daughter of the legendary gospel singer Dorinda Clark Cole. Nikkia is a singer and social media influencer. She is also the Chief Executive Officer of Good Thyng Worldwide LLC. Nikkia and her husband Fasskash Beach have a son, Menance, and a daughter, Kashmir. Nikkia is also a fan of rapper Snoop Dogg. She has also written her own song, “Good Thang Anthem.”

Nikkia Cole-Beach grew up under the tutelage of her mom, Dorinda Clark Cole, who was also a famous gospel singer. The two of them performed together in the family vocal group ‘The Clark Sisters’. They got famous for their singing. During their career, the Clark Sisters made five studio albums.

Nikkia was born in January 1982. She is the daughter of Dorinda Clark Cole and Elder Gregory Cole. She was raised in Detroit, Michigan. She has a large family and has traveled the world. She has received three Grammy Awards. She has performed in countries such as South Africa, England, and Korea. She has also ministered internationally.

Nikkia Cole-Beach has an Instagram account named @cocoshanellllll. She has been tagging Snoop Dogg on her social media accounts. She also has her own song, “Good Thang Anthem.” She has been married to Fasskash Beach for over a decade. She is the founder of the Good Thyng movement, which is a movement that aims to empower women worldwide.

Nikkia is also a fangirl of Coco Chanel. She uses many of the products of the famous designer. She has also been known to wear other brands. Nikkia’s Instagram page contains a number of photos. One of these photos is a shot of her and Snoop Dogg. This photo has been circulating on social media. She has also created her own hashtag for her daughter, Kashmir.

Having two children and a great singing voice, Nikkia Cole is a musically talented girl. She is also a fan of Coco Chanel and Snoop Dogg. She is a social media influencer and has a hashtag for her daughter. She has also written a good song, “Good Thyng Anthem.” She is a celebrity mom and her daughter Kashmir is the sexiest girl in the world.

Dorinda Clark Cole is a great singer and she has been a great evangelist. She has received an honorary doctorate of divinity from Mt. Carmel Theological Seminary in Fresno, California. She has also received 3 Grammy awards for her recordings. She is also known as the Rose of Gospel Music. Nikkia has performed in countries such as South Africa and England. She has been known to sing songs in many languages including Arabic and Chinese. She has also performed at the Grammy Awards.

Nikkia is not only a great singer but also a great mom. She has never been in any trouble. She has also written a song, “Good Thang Anthem.” In fact, she has a hashtag for her daughter Kashmir. One of her other coolest achievements is her rabbit teeth.

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