In The Spirit Of ‘Prey’, What Other Horror Movie Prequels Could Be Done?

Having gone as far as they could looking forward to the Predator franchise, they decided to head back. Like, way back. Prey, on Hulu, is a prequel to the first Predator, and one that goes centuries back into the past. Now, I have heard good things, but I have not seen the film. It is not my type of horror movie. I have, in fact, never watched a Predator film in full. Still, it got me thinking. What if other horror film franchises made prequels that went quite a ways into the past?

We go all the way back to the first day of Camp Crystal Lake. It goes great. No children drown…and then later become supernatural somehow? Hockey masks are for goaltenders only.

The Meyers wonder if they should have a second kid.

We already got Prometheus from Ridley Scott, a polarizing prequel. There is no way to really go any earlier than that in the franchise, frankly. Prometheus is really spiritually akin to Prey.

The Leprechaun finds his pot of gold, and never imagines going to “The Hood,” much less outer space.

You know, that party on the beach in Jaws seems pretty fun. How about a movie about that?

Leatherface learns to wield a chainsaw. Also, he probably isn’t called Leatherface just yet. His chainsaw work plays a pretty big part in that.

A bunch of teens watches a ton of horror movies. None of them get murdered. Drew Barrymore and her boyfriend enjoy a nice night watching films.

Regan goes to school, hangs out with her friends, and eats split pea soup with impunity.

There’s really no way to do a Nightmare on Elm Street prequel that isn’t bleak. It’s not like Freddy Krueger was a cool, chill dude before he was killed.

Finally, four words: “Night of the Living.”

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