How to Prevent Car Doors from Freezing Shut

When you head out to your vehicle on a winter day, you want to be able to open the doors of that vehicle and get inside. If you live in an area that gets very cold, learn how to prevent car doors from freezing shut so that you do not end up stuck with no way of getting into your vehicle.

Take Advantage of a Garage or Use an Alternative:

If you have a garage, make use of that and allow it to protect your car from the elements. Your car will stay much warmer in a garage than it will when sitting out and exposed to wind, rain, and snow. If you do not have a garage to use, consider a car wrap that is made to protect the vehicle during winter weather. This can keep moisture and cold away from your vehicle so that the doors will not freeze shut.

Clean Your Car’s Doors:

The better that the seal on your car’s doors is working, the less likely moisture is to get into the vehicle and cause the doors to freeze shut. Clean your car doors with a microfiber cloth, making sure to get all dirt out of the seal and being gentle as you work.

Make Sure that the Seals on All Doors are in Good Shape:

After you have cleaned your car’s doors and their seals, inspect the seals to see if there is anything wrong with them. Look for spots where the door might not be holding together as it should and the seal might be pulling away from the vehicle. See a mechanic if you think that there is an issue with one of your seals.

Apply a Solution to Car Doors:

You can use a lubricant or another type of solution to keep your car doors from freezing shut. Spread the lubricant around the seal of the door to repel any moisture that tries to come inside. Use caution as you are applying the lubricant so that it does not spread to areas where it is not supposed to go and stain your vehicle or cause damage to its finish.

Know What to Do if Your Car Doors Do End Up Freezing Shut:

If you forget to look out for your car and you end up coming out to it only to find that the doors are frozen shut, know what steps you should take. If you lose your keys, you for help, but if you end up frozen out of your vehicle, you need to take care of things on your own. Use an ice scraper to gently clear ice around the edge of the door, or consider using warm water to try to melt things away. Get one door open, then use your car’s heating system to start to warm up the rest of the doors.

Caring for a car includes learning how to prevent car doors from freezing shut. There are simple steps that you can take to avoid a frustrating winter experience.

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