How to Improve Your Mailbox Security

The most common way to access your mailbox is by using a physical key, which means where it’s located matters. However, this is nearly impossible to prevent unless you purchase a surveillance system or live in an area with secure locks. 

How to Improve Your Mailbox Security

A mailbox is a place where you can leave mail and letters for your friends, family members, or business associates. It’s also an area usually not monitored by security cameras, which is why it poses a great potential for theft. Many people go to extreme lengths to protect their mailboxes, but most people don’t take the time or prioritize the effort out of laziness or carelessness, resulting in the loss of their identity documents and personal property.

Here are tips on how to improve your mailbox security.

Get a Locking Mailbox to Increase Security

Mail theft is a common crime in many countries. They are stolen for a variety of reasons, but one of the major ones is by not securing them properly. It may also include identity theft, which has been rising for years. Many people do not take precautions when storing their package, leaving them accessible by anyone who happens to come across them. 

There are several types of security mailbox locks that you can buy, and the simplest and most common is the post-style lock, which locks with a number keypad. A secure home mailbox comes in different sizes and lengths, as well as different colored exteriors to match your home or business. A locksmith can help make a lock for you.

Install a Mailbox Alarm

These alarms are usually motion-activated and make a loud noise when they detect motion near the mailbox. There are many different types of anti-theft devices that you can buy, including fobs and panic buttons. These pieces of equipment are activated if an unauthorized person picks them up. Some of these alarms will also send a text message to your cell phone notifying you about the mailbox security.

Another popular method is to install outdoor wire outside your house or fence where your mailbox is located. The cable is electrified, and when an intruder steps on it, they get a shock.

Get a Surveillance Camera

A surveillance camera is one of the most popular home security devices today. These cameras are easy to install and come in either wired or wireless versions. Most cameras have built-in DVRs that allow you to record any activity near your home or business. The best part about installing a surveillance camera is that it alerts you to any potential theft immediately.

Check Your Mailbox Regularly

Make sure you check your mailbox as often as possible, especially if you fear it may be a target for thieves. It’s also a good idea to ask a friend or neighbor to check your mailbox if you aren’t around.


With the increase in identity and personal property theft, you must do everything to protect your mail from being stolen. Mail security is important and the above tips will help protect your mail and keep your mailbox safe from thieves.

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