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How to Choose a Cruise for a Honeymoon

A honeymoon is a magical time that newlyweds spend together to celebrate their matrimony. This event is so important because most people only experience it once in their lives. So, if you are preparing for a honeymoon, you’ll want to plan everything as perfectly as possible. But what is a good and interesting way to spend this time? The answer is simple — taking a cruise! But then the next question comes to mind — how do you go about choosing one? We can help you with that. Let’s dive into the enterprise of cruises!


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Temperature and weather are essential when going on a cruise. It is going to be a long journey, so you have to be sure you be OK in all situations and conditions. What will it be? A hot and spicy sea adventure or a breathtaking experience in the north? For the second option, go to Poseidon Expeditions — one of the best polar cruises operators out there. White bears, ice canoeing, and spectacular views. You will remember this trip for the rest of your life!

Pick your climate conditions with full attention and responsibility. You can’t change the course halfway through the journey. Frosty landscapes or sun-drenched seas, exotic jungles, or stable peri-urban waters. There is always a place for personal preferences, so take your time!

Cruise Lines

There are a lot of different enterprises operating in this industry. You may imagine an enormous white ship, but in reality, there are dozens of different types of vessels. Big and small, adventurous and intimate. They even differ in points of entertainment. You can sail with hundreds of people from all over the world or make friends with a small group of explorers. One of the most famous cruise lines is Royal Caribbean. They will grant you an adventure onboard an entire city, floating in the water. Or the Azamara company, which has only four ships for less than a thousand passengers but gives you a chilled and ambient ride. The choice is yours — pick the option you like the most.

Industry experts, whose job is to ride different cruise routes and evaluate their characteristics and services, are looking for the best cruises available on the market. You can visit some of these expert sites like Cruise Critic and look through different reviews from the specialists. On such sites, you can even see lists of the best cruise lines all over the world.

There are also many criteria for picking a cruise line — prices, number of guests, routes, climate, and even food. When taking a long trip at sea, there must be no uncertainties. No vegetarian wants to stay on a ship with a meat-only menu.



You can travel to many places using a cruise ship but be careful because most of them sail to exact destination points. For example, you can visit the Amazon river, Caribbean islands, or the Mediterranean sea and nearby countries. There are always World Cruises — some of the longest trips available.

Be careful with picking a destination. There are many uncertainties that can appear in your journey. Your ship will dock in some ports, letting you explore the city for a short time and buy some souvenirs. Or these can be a long-time sail with no stops at all. Pay attention to the dates you want to travel. In certain periods some areas can be problematic, and others may be calm and relaxed.


When picking a cruise, the date of booking can be essential. Many experienced travelers get their tickets once a cabin reservation for a new sailing becomes available. This time is often listed as between 18 to 24 months prior to departure.

Yet, not everyone wants to wait two years for their adventure to begin. But it has its benefits — prices at the beginning are the most reasonable. They can become higher or lower during the period before the departure. Sure, you can pick your cabin right before the end of booking when organizers are trying to fill empty spaces and lower the prices. But in most cases, those places are the most uncomfortable and bleak ones.

There is also a point to the number of people you are traveling with. Four-guest cabins are the cheapest, so it is a perfect option for those who want to spend time with children, friends, and relatives. But for honeymooners, it is always a double-cabin, so it is easy to make a decision in this case!

To book a cruise, you book via the cruise line’s website or use web portals that provide booking services like CruiseBooking.



Cabins also have other features that differentiate them. In general, there are four types of cabins:

  • Inside — these are the cheapest and most basic ones. There are no windows, so it can be dark and claustrophobic at times;
  • Outside — is a bit lighter and has a limited view. In most cases, prices are noticeably higher than inside ones;
  • Balcony — big rooms with a good view;
  • Suite — the most expensive and luxurious cabins available.

While choosing a cabin, you should pay attention to some specific details. For example, what is your budget? As we mentioned before, some prices on cruises, services and cabins can be different. They depend on the time period. In some cases, luxe places can cost as much as medium ones right before the sailing starts.

You don’t need to order a suite or balcony if you are doing outdoor activities. On big ships, you can find swimming pools, gyms, saunas and even art classes. So, after all, if you won’t spend much time in your place, then pick a simple cabin just for sleeping!


This is it — your trip will begin soon. All tickets are prepared, and all cabins are booked. Be sure to do some additional preparation — take necessary medicines, and entrust someone to take care of your place when you’re on the cruise. And take your good mood with you; this will be an unforgettable honeymoon!

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