History of Andar Bahar Card Game

History of Andar Bahar Card Game – Andar Bahar basically originated in India and it was their festival game. They used to play it at different festivals, as one of their popular festival activities.

Then, with the rise of the online gambling market in India, the online Andar Bahar was introduced. Now, Andar Bahar has a fan base of its own, as it is easy to play with a deck of cards and simple rules.

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Legality of Andar Bahar


Brief Historical Background of Andar Bahar

India’s profound love and affection for gambling go back to the time of the Harappa civilization. At first, it was only limited to sandstone dice and board games. Then, the competitive aspect of gambling made it popular and it developed its own different forms.

Andar Bahar casino game was started in Bangalore, in the state of Karnataka. And it was first played with cloth pieces, Krida-Patram with Ramayana and Mahabharta motifs on it. Then, due to its simple rules and immense popularity online Andar Bahar real cash game was introduced all over the world and evolved to the shape that you see today.

Variations of Andar Bahar Card Game

Andar Bahar has different popular variations. It is played with a single deck of 52 cards and four suits. Andar Bahar online cash game today is played with a minimum of two players, where a dealer deals the cards and you will have to predict on what side the twin card to the first card will land. Its two famous versions are the Indian and the Turkish ones.

  • In the Turkish version, a player can discard only a single card during each turn. Also, it’s a game over for the Turkish version players of the Andar Bahar card game, when they’re left with no cards to play.
  • While the Indian version of the game allows its players to discard the whole hand if they’re not happy with it.

Legality of Andar Bahar

According to the Indian Gaming Act of 1867, any game that is a game of chance is illegal in India. So, as Andar Bahar is a game of pure luck, it is illegal in India. However, there is no legislation for the online Andar Bahar game that is played through gambling sites located outside India. So technically, you can play an online Andar Bahar card game by Indians.


Online Andar Bahar has immense popularity in India. It is their source of entertainment and has its roots inside Bangalore. Online game providers based outside India, provide different versions of Andar Bahar. And playing with them is safe and secure, as the gambling laws of India don’t apply to them. And by now, the Andar Bahar casino game isn’t more available at offline casinos.

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