Cute Fashion Items to Pull Out at a Music Festival

Music festivals represent more than just different types of music. They are also about fashion, food, and at some music festivals, even the influencers or celebrities in attendance. So how can you make sure you’re on top of your fashion game while attending? We break down some of the most popular fashion items that will elevate your look, no matter what music festival you attend or where. These include rave chaps, mini skirts, hats, hair accessories, and bodysuits.

First things first, you want to make sure you are comfortable and appropriately dressed for whatever the weather may be at the music festival. We highly suggest starting with checking out the weather forecast of the area for the music festival you’re attending. If you’re attending something held in the Northeast United States during the winter months, a bikini top and shorts may not be the best option. Also, consider other inclement weather that may take place while you’re attending an outdoor festival, such as rain and thunderstorms. 

Shoes are a vital part of any outfit, so we suggest planning early with the type of shoe you’ll be the most comfortable in. Whether that’s a pair of tennis shoes, boots, or sandals is entirely up to you! Also, how will you bring your items to the festival if regular purses or bags are not permitted? Does the festival require a clear plastic bag that’s a specific size, or will any purse or backpack be allowed? You don’t want to show up at the music festival only to be turned away at the gate or entrance. Checking the rules and regulations for the event is a great way to not be surprised upon arrival, leaving you frantically searching for approved items or, even worse, denied entry ultimately. 

Top Fashion Choices

Rave chaps are one of the season’s hottest trends, and we’re here for it. Rave chaps are available in different fabrics, patterns, and colors, so no matter what music festival you attend, you’ll be sure to impress. Neon colors and reflective fabrics are our top picks for rave chaps to ensure you will really stand out in the best way possible. Most rave chaps styles are also heavily made, if not wholly, with polyester. Polyester is an incredibly soft, lightweight, and durable fabric making it ideal for all-day, comfortable wear. Most pairs also come with an adjustable belt at the waist or a high-waist cut to ensure a proper fit. Our favorite way to wear rave chaps is to pair them with a cute booty short underneath, a crop top, and whatever shoe style you prefer. 

Mini skirts are back, paying homage to the ultra-popular pleating tennis skirts. Mini skirts are an excellent option for music festivals that may be prone to warmer weather. We love the design, which has pleats all the way around the skirt and is high-waisted. Mini skirts allow you to look cute while also providing an option that may help keep you cool and comfortable. Mini skirts are also available in multiple fabric types and colors, allowing you to customize your look. You can even find mini skirts made of mesh or reflective tints. We highly suggest pairing your miniskirt with your favorite booty shorts for a little extra flair or more coverage if you are of the more modest type of dresser. 

Hats and hair pieces are considered essential accessories at every music festival, with bucket hats being seen on different celebrities and influencers across the board. Decorated cowboy hats are another frequently seen item, not just in Texas. The more stand-out, the better, with rhinestones, glitter, and color being best sellers. Butterfly clips and colored bandanas are also making a comeback from their time in the light during the 90s. Hats and hair pieces are also an easy way to make a statement on a budget, with many options coming in under just 25 dollars. 

Bodysuits are in style not only for music festivals but for everyday life. Bodysuits are one-piece, similar to a one-piece swimsuit, but come in comfortable, light materials. There are so many different types, available with a deep-cut neckline to show a little more skin, sequins to shine even brighter or mesh if you really like to make an impression. These are great options regardless of whether you’re rocking a pleated miniskirt or rave chaps. They can be dressed down for warmer weather or in layers for the cold. Pair the bodysuit with a set of butterfly clips and high-waisted shorts for an easy, go-to look that people will love from coast to coast. 

Regardless of what you wear, making sure you are dressed to your comfort level is an essential factor for anyone to look cute. And the best accessory you can don at any moment is a genuine smile. 

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