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Anyone who has seen BBC One’s ‘Bargain Hunt’ should be familiar with one of its best expert Catherine Southon who has led her team to victory numerous times. Unfortunately, most people focus on her beauty even though she has sharp eyes for picking out antiques that make an astounding amount of money.

She simultaneously juggles her role as a mother, businesswoman as well as her role as an expert guide in Bargain Hunt. Although she offers her knowledge on antiques readily, she clams up when it comes to questions on her family life.

Catherine Southon Age

Catherine Southon was born sometime in 1972. As of 2020, her age is around 48 years.

Wikipedia news on Catherine Southon

She developed her passion for antiques at an early age. She was fascinated by museums, and so did her master which prepared her for that role.

While doing her Master, Catherine was the curator of a Rock n Roll memorabilia and invited Sotheby’s Hilary Kay for a talk. She was so inspired by Hilary Kay that she realized that while she loved museums, she did not want to become a curator.

Instead, she pursued her career in the world of auctions which she found it to be exciting and thrilling, and that’s where she eventually fell in love with antiques. She began her illustrious career in Sotheby’s by answering phone calls and filing documents. Over time Catherine became the Head of Scientific Instruments and Maritime Works of Art.

After 8 years working at Sotheby’s, Catherine became a freelance valuer of antiques. She started her career in television in Flog It and worked there for three years before she was asked to be a part of BBC One’s Bargain Hunt in 2006. Since then, she has been a part of the show.

Even though being an expert on Bargain Hunt means constant traveling and being on the road, Catherine finds the journey to be exciting and full of surprises despite the exhaustion.

In an interview with BBC, she stated that she loved everything about her role as an expert, guiding people to drive a good bargain for antiques, especially the moments when she finds an antique that was unappreciated by others but turns out to be really valuable. She has also appeared in other shows regarding antiques such as Antiques Road Trip, and Trade Secrets.

Catherine suggests that anyone interested in antiques should read, a lot, and also handle antiques as well as talk with antique dealers or collectors to get additional information or knowledge on antiques.

Her suggestions must be true because she has not only made a name for herself on TV as an antique expert; she has also opened her own business PTD in 2012 as an auctioneer and evaluator of antiques. She has also worked on quite a few books, including “Dictionary of Art and Antiques’ by Judith Millers.

Catherine has also achieved success with her auction house, where she organized two auctions that generated revenues for her business. Catherine loves modern art, and her talent for recognizing good examples of art is undoubted. From her auction house, Catherine has sold two Victorian Silver Salts, which were shaped like kangaroo eggs for £18,000.

And she has amassed quite a bit of fortune from her professions, and her current estimated financial worth is £5 million. Catherine also has quite the following on Twitter, with more than seven thousand followers. She likes watching TV, prefers takeaway food, and indulges in a large glass of red wine.

Although running her own auction house and being in several TV shows don’t leave Catherine a lot of spare time, the free time that she does get, she likes to spend it doing fun things with her two children. Despite regularly dealing with antiques, Catherine is not a serious collector; she likes to collect gavels and buys anything that she likes.

Catherine Southon Husband and Children

She’s an extremely private person, and so she doesn’t like to divulge any information about her family that might bring them to the limelight. As a result, no one knows the name of her husband or children.

Catherine Southon Cancer

Many websites on the internet have been spreading a rumor of Catherine suffering from cancer, she did not confirm anything regarding such matters.

So, we hope she is in fine health and will live more fruitful years.

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