6 Stress-Reducing Strategies To Practice While Planning Your Wedding

Many people dream about their big day from childhood, which is why it becomes the focal point of existence when it finally comes around. However, if you’re not careful, planning for your dream wedding can turn into a stress-inducing catastrophe. Therefore, you need to keep yourself grounded throughout the process – the following tips and strategies will help you with this.

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Celebrate Small Wins With Daily Done Lists

The ultimate goal of the perfect wedding day can feel unattainable at times, which is why you need to celebrate the small wins along the way. Every day, create a list of everything you’ve achieved to do with wedding planning. Then, once you reach certain milestones, you can have a mini celebration by doing something you enjoy or treating yourself to that new piece of clothing.

Have a Solid Support Network

You will have an endless list of jobs on your wedding to-do list, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect your friends and family in favor of knuckling down. Choose reliable bridesmaids to take some of the weight off and assign tasks to your close family for that extra help. As well as assistance, your support network will be there for you to take time off and unwind. Arrange a coffee morning, go for lunch with the girls, or arrange a group workout to keep healthy.

Squeeze In Outdoor Time

Natural daylight and fresh air work a treat when it comes to mental health, so make sure you schedule a time to get outdoors. A great way to tick this off your list while hitting an additional stress-reducing strategy is to exercise outdoors. Even taking yourself for a 30-minute walk during the day will alleviate stress.

Learn To Say No

When you’re planning the big day, your list of tasks to accomplish in any given week just got bigger. Therefore, if you’ve got people demanding time that you don’t have, feel free to say no. You might feel as though you’re being selfish, but your mental health comes first – attending the school’s PTA meeting can wait until next week.

Have a Digital Detox

We’re all guilty of burying our heads in social media or gaming instead of interacting with our loved ones. If you’ve been spending too much time lost in technology, it’s time to have a digital detox. Lock away your devices and spend time away from the screen. Alternatively, you can remove distracting apps from your phone including Facebook and Candy Crush.

Hire External Support

Believe it or not, you don’t have to take full responsibility for planning everything to do with your wedding. Explore the option of outsourcing the bulk of the heavy lifting to a wedding planner like MTI Events, who will work alongside you to deliver the wedding of your dreams – leaving you more time to relax.

Every part of your wedding day should be magical, including the planning phase. Therefore, don’t let planning burnout lead you into a stress-induced slump that may ruin your wedding. Follow the steps above to keep your mental health in check.

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