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6 Early Signs of Thinning Hair to Watch For

At some point in their lives, the vast majority of men will experience hair loss.
However, some men experience the process earlier than others, making it difficult
to accept. Younger men often find it difficult to accept the early signs of hair loss,
as it’s typically seen as something that affects men later in life. However, hair
loss is something that is best treated as early as possible to stop it from getting
out of hand. With that in mind, here are six early signs of thinning hair to look out

Receding hairline

The most obvious sign of hair loss is a receding hairline. Most men notice that their hairline has
moved back around the temples, while others may even see a subtle M-shape from across the
length of the hairline. While it can be difficult to notice differences day by day, it’s good practice
to take a photo of your hairline at specific intervals so you can review the snaps and notice the
differences. If you think you’re experiencing hair loss, begin by checking your hairline against
the Norwood Scale.

Your hairstyles differently

While some men notice significant recession, others discover more subtle changes to their
hairline. One thing is that it’s now much more difficult to style your hair the way you want it. For
instance, you might notice that your hair is a little thinner or more brittle than it has been in the
past, which can affect the way that your styling products work.

Hair shedding

Although most men shed between 50 and 100 hair follicles every day, significant hair shedding
over time could be an early sign of male pattern hair loss. Therefore, it’s important to keep an
eye on your pillows and shower drain to identify whether you’re shedding more hair than is
normal. This will help you identify whether you’re experiencing early signs of hair loss.

Head sensitivity

Sometimes when you’re in the early stages of hair loss, you might notice that your head is
painful after a hot shower or particularly sensitive after you’ve spent a day in the sun. This is an
indication that your hair is thinner and your scalp is more exposed, which is why your head is
feeling a little bit more sensitive than usual.

Thicker hair below the crown

A good way to determine if you are actually losing your hair is to check if your hair is thicker
below the crown. Often, the hair below your crown isn’t affected by balding, so if it’s noticeably
thicker than the hair on the top of your head, then you might be experiencing the early stages of
male pattern baldness.

Looking through photos

Hair typically thins slowly and over time, making it difficult to tell from day to day whether you’re
losing hair. Therefore, going through photos on social media is a great way of discerning the
extent of your hair loss. You could also keep a photo diary at specific intervals, which enables
you to compare your hair from time to time instead of relying on a daily glance in the mirror.

If you notice that your hair is thinning, the good news is that you can do something about it.
Browse through Sons’ hair loss treatment plans to find the ideal solution to get started.
Remember, the sooner you treat the early signs of hair loss, the better.

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