5 different types of car racing

Believe it or not, there are a lot more types of racing than you likely think there are. When thinking of racing, formula 1 or rally racing comes to mind. So, if you’re feeling the need for speed and want to learn about some different types of racing then you’re more than likely in the right place. This article will touch on the tip of the iceberg by offering up 5 different types of car racing to satisfy your curiosity.

Production Race

Production racing is the perfect opportunity for dealers to showcase their cars. Usually, to qualify, these cars aren’t modified. Quite often manufacturers will produce a limited edition of various models so they can take part. One benefit of taking part in these types of races is that afterward, post-race functions can be held at venues like  to celebrate and attempt to increase future sales.

Touring Cars

Similar to production racing but with highly modified cars. This category of racing isn’t as fast as others due to less focus on aerodynamics, making it easier for cars to overtake. However, because of the robust bodies, it is more acceptable for light bumping whilst overtaking. In this category, races can vary in length from sprint to endurance. You can find more information on 

Off The Beaten Track

If you like getting down and dirty… then this one is for you. Cars involved in this are specifically designed to handle the off-road world; quite often trucks get in on the action as well. Often associated with messy dirt tracks, off-road racing can also handle the blistering snow. For the more adventurous racer, take a look at these 

What a Drag

Do you feel the need… the need for speed? If so, then this one should tick your boxes. What better way to get the adrenaline running than witnessing an intense face-off of speed? The aim is to traverse a straight quarter-mile before your opponent. If you want to hear the satisfying wisp of nitrous oxide, then get yourself down to one of these events.

GO! Karts

This one isn’t technically car racing but I’m sure you know what go-karting is, and you might have been yourself. The fun, and fast, karts give us a sense of formula 1 euphoria. Often, they are dubbed as the training wheels for Formula 1. Like with everything else, there are different types of go-karts to suit a range of racing styles. So, if you want to dive right into a form of racing that practically anyone can do then this is it.

This post only touches upon the gigantic world of racing. With a piqued interest you can go and explore the rest of the world – from street racing to rally racing. Don’t worry if you can’t afford to go and experience the racing physically right now because there are countless games you can play to put you right in the action.

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