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Are you also wondering about the best staycation deal to book massage spas in Singapore? If yes, you’re in right place.  In Singapore, massage is a widely used service, and there are many different Massage Singapore locations. It’s crucial to consider the popularity of massage establishments and whether or not they are licensed when looking for massage locations in Singapore.

Others prefer a nice stretch; some enjoy meditation. But you’ve come to the perfect place if your concept of revitalizing your body is receiving a decent massage. Rest assured. Keep reading if you’re tangled up and don’t know where to go. We list the numerous sorts of massages available in Singapore, along with the top spas that provide them, from Balinese therapies and Thai massages to sports and foot massages.

It’s usually a good idea to check out multiple Massage Places before deciding which one to choose because each Massage Place has its own advantages. The top massage parlours in Singapore are listed below, some of them are conveniently located and offer highly affordable rates for their services. So, let’s get started with our list of best massage spas in Singapore.

Here’re The Best 15 Staycation Deals To Book Massage Spas In Singapore

best massage spas in singapore

Prior to recently, only upscale spas and health clubs offered massage services. Some individuals believed it to be a privilege reserved for the wealthy or a cover for illicit activity. Nowadays, massage is widely accessible and recognized as a valuable technique for fostering both physical and mental wellness.

This is a catch-all phrase for squeezing, stroking, and adjusting your skin, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. It could be anything from gentle caressing to intense pressure. It is typically seen as a component of integrative medicine.

For a variety of medical conditions and circumstances, it is increasingly being offered in addition to normal treatment. One prevalent myth regarding massage is that it should only be used as a self-care activity during a spa day.

Top 5 Massage Spas In Orchard Singapore (2022)

1. Adeva Spa

best massage spas in singapore

Adeva Spa, which is housed on the sixth story of Paragon, is undoubtedly a sanctuary in the midst of the city’s activity. Adeva Spa takes pride in determining your favorite region of concentration and the oil to be utilized, unlike many other couples’ spas in Singapore. You have a lot of alternatives with nine various body massages, and you’ll learn how these therapists perform their miracles.

It is understandable why this spa has gotten so many positive reviews. The Couple Spa Retreat, which costs about $749.00 for a 90-minute session and includes a Signature Body Massage of either Aromatic, Swedish, or Shiatsu Triplex, is recommended if you’re seeking the utmost in relaxation. Along with the option of a 30-minute body polish or a 30-minute jacuzzi session in the bathroom.

The HANN Couple Spa Massage, which costs $521.20 for an hour-long session, is the ideal option for people who solely prefer massage. Depending on your preferences, you can choose from three different types of massage creams. Click here for more details and to make a visit reservation.

2. Elements of Wellness

best massage spas in singapore

A group of highly qualified therapists works at Elements Wellness, formerly known as Spa Symphony, and they will go above and beyond to meet your expectations. At Elements Wellness, indulge your senses in an orchestra. With its wide range of therapies, Elements Wellness aims to provide a whole sensory experience to make every client feel nourished and relaxed both internally and externally.

You can be certain that your body will never feel more comfortable in their hands because the spa is home to therapists who are highly trained, experienced, and professional with over 10 years of expertise. From top to bottom, they provide a variety of services, such as facials, onsen therapy, deep tissue massage, and Swedish massage. Additionally, individuals who prefer couple massages, also have couple of rooms.

We advise choosing the Couple Jacuzzi Spa Retreat if you want to test out their treatment, which includes a full body massage, detoxifying body scrub, and a private jacuzzi in a private VIP suite. Only first-time clients are eligible for this promotion. Additionally, for those looking to relax, the Couple Koyamaki Onsen Ritual is a good choice.

3. The Posture Lab

best massage spas in singapore

The Posture Lab is a therapeutic massage facility that provides treatments with a number of various emphases, including sports massages, Thai massage, myofascial release therapy, deep tissue massage, and Swedish massage. It is one of the greatest massage and wellness institutes in Singapore.

For more than 15 years, it has maintained a high standard of quality and service, making it convenient for customers to visit from anywhere in Singapore. Offers a variety of massage treatments, including sports massage, among other massage types. Singapore places that are convenient, excellent service.

4. Physio

best massage spas in singapore

Giving individuals the finest massage experience possible is crucial, according to Fhysio. They cater to individual demands, so it doesn’t matter if you require surgery pre-op preparation, a deep tissue massage after working out, or aches and pains that can only be relieved by a pregnancy pillow.

Their on-staff therapist will evaluate your condition before each massage. Because they have received specialized training, the team can tailor each massage to your needs. These massages are for specific needs, an on-site physiotherapist to determine your needs, and personalized services are what set this massage center apart.

5. Soul Massage Singapore

best massage spas in singapore

If you want a massage to unwind, visit Soul Massage Singapore. They offer a range of traditional and full-body massage services, from Thai Massage to Traditional Massage. They will do their best to provide you with a therapeutic and soothing treatment whether you choose one or not.

Their therapists are able to employ the appropriate technique for your selected treatment because they have a great deal of knowledge of massages from other cultures, including Thai and Balinese. The massages at Soul Massage Singapore are excellent for relaxing at the end of the day, especially if you lack the energy to visit a spa.

Because of their excellent services and accommodating time constraints, there is no reason why you shouldn’t schedule an appointment with them. Extensive massage experience and therapeutic and calming treatments are the massage center’s key differentiators.

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